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Our Sustainable Future

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Future By Insects
creates sustainable insect-derived products

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The Team

One idea and four founders joined by a passion for sustainability, cutting edge biotech and entrepreneurial thinking. Their complementary skillset and desire to tackle the protein challenge has laid the foundation for Future By Insects as a successful business.

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Evelyn Peters
Chief Executive Officer

Background in Investment Banking New York & London

Anushka Rajiyah
Director of Operations & Finance

Background in Investment Banking & Factory Operation Management

Dr. Philippe Mozanegga
Director of Science

PhD Biochemistry,
Microalgae; Co-founder of
Liberty Produce

Strategic Partner

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Fera Science is a specialist in the delivery of food security with over 100 years of heritage, protecting the environment and supporting food production and farming for the UK government and globally.   Fera Science is at the forefront of the UK insect bioconversion research, enjoying a privileged position within industry, academics and governments.  The team at Fera Science has world-leading expertise and a pilot-scale operational industrial insect bioreactor


Dr. Maureen Wakefield
Science Lead
Applied Entomology

Fera Science, R&D Entomologist, UK Insect Farming Regulations


Damian Malins
Industry Expert
& Investor Relations

Fera Science, PE&VC Investor Relations, Insect Farming Industry Expert

Strategic Partner
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